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Author: Tasneem Maganlal

The ugly truth

Post natal depression is something that I never thought I would ever go through. All my life I’ve wanted to be a mum. The day I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon. I had a very easy pregnancy except the last month when I had pre-eclampsia. I blamed myself for my baby being in NICU. I blamed myself for being too sick to get out of bed to see her. It was so difficult to see her hooked up to machines and not be able to hold her. April was meant to be a month...

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Clicks baby goods

Clicks baby goods I’m a big clicks fan. It’s the one shop that has everything from yummy goodies to eat to a medication dispensary…..recently clicks started selling baby clothes…. I’ve got a 4 month old baby girl and I’ve gone a bit crazy with all the baby clothes… all started a few weeks ago when I visited the clicks at Killarney Mall….I purchased a few baby-grows which were reasonably priced (between R25-R70). I was so impressed with the quality that I keep going back for more. I ended up buying loads of dresses, summer baby-grows, shorts, tights and matching...

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Pediasure breakfast

Pediasure breakfast So my sister and I were invited to a Pediasure breakfast at the Fire and Ice hotel in Melrose Arch on 2/09/2016. To be honest I didn’t know much about the product before the breakfast. However we have been using a product called Ensure in our family for so many years. Pediasure is similar to Ensure as it provides nutrients for people who struggle to eat. We normally use Ensure for my grandmother when she is sick and has no appetite. Pediasure is specially formulated for ‘picky eaters’ or just children who don’t have a good relationship...

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My strong NICU baby

My strong NICU baby When I took my baby for her 6 week immunization, she hardly cried. The nurse looked at her file and made this statement “NICU babies are strong due to all the things they had to encounter” that got me thinking and here are the reasons why NICU babies are so strong. I’m sure there are millions of other reasons why NICU babies are stronger. But here are my 3: They get pricked so many times in the day. When my baby was in NICU she had to get her sugar tested 8 times a day....

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PRE-ECLAMPSIA…that horrid word

PRE-ECLAMPSIA…that horrid word During the 7th month of my pregnancy. My legs started swelling to the point that I could not walk properly. It was exams and as a teacher I was requited to invigilate these exams. I thought the swelling was due to the excessive walking and standing. I also began seeing white spots and feeling light headed when I stood up after sitting or laying down. I didn’t think too much of it. I had a sharp pain just above my ribs and I blamed it on the growing belly. I also had blurred vision and a...

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