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Author: Tasneem Maganlal

Baby wearing… Because she is my favourite accessory

Baby wearing… Because she is my favourite accessory As  a first time mum I was so overwhelmed when Alayna came home. I wanted to carry her all the time (just to make up for the month that I missed out on). She had a silent reflux and her pediatrician suggested that I get a baby wrap and wear her in an upright position after she drinks. I immediately went to shop for a baby wrap. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m able to get so many things done while holding my baby. Here are...

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Before I became a mum

Before I became a mum, Friday nights meant movie and dinner nights out with hubby. Now Friday nights are….watching TV with hubby and baby falling asleep in my arms. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Before I became a mum, I spent hours doing my hair and make up and now I spend all that time dressing you up in all your cute outfits. Before I became a mum, I thought I was a strong person but now I see that I didn’t even know what strength was until I had you. My little princess I hope that...

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BUNDLEBOX-WEANING When I was pregnant I came across the bundle box page. Basically you pay approximately R300 per month and  you receive a box full of goodies for your baby according to their age. I was super excited to sign up and I intended on doing it in April 2016 as Baby Alayna was due in May. Due to the fact that she came early we missed the first one and I only signed up in May…Through Bundlebox I had the opportunity to try out various brands to see which ones suited us best. This Month I received the...

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Too sick to ‘mom’ today

Too sick to ‘mom’ today “Too sick to ‘mom’ today….said no mom ever!!! Although I’m sure every single mom out there wishes that they could call in sick just for one day….I have a bad case of bronchitis…It started last weekend and just doesn’t want to go….I’m on antibiotics and loads of other medication. Thank Goodness I have an amazing husband that took care of baby since I got sick as well as a sweet sister who came to baby sit all morning so that I could rest…However baby somehow senses that something is wrong and wants to be...

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5 reasons why I love my Thandana toiletry bag

5 REASONS WHY I LOVE MY THANDANA TOILETRY BAG I was fortunate enough to receive a Thandana Toiletry Bag as a gift. I am so in love with it. I have been using it for a few months now. I have used it for so many different things but here are my 5 reasons why I love this bag. It’s versatile- I have used it to keep make-up and toiletries and now I use it for my babies wet wipes and creams when we go out. It’s durable, it’s leather so it won’t rip easily. The designs are great....

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