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Author: Tasneem Maganlal


FAITH HOPE LOVE Those that know me personally know what a hard year this one has been for me. It started with all the complications in my pregnancy in March and it has been a downhill battle ever since. My health hasn’t been good at all ever since the birth of my baby. I was meant to return to work in August this year but I had to extend my leave until October due to my health. As you all know baby Alayna spent one LONG month in NICU and when she came home…I went back to hospital for...

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Review on Milady’s tan handbag

  Review on Miladys Tan handbag I was privileged enough to win a Miladys handbag thanks to my dear aunt Belinda who nominated me as a good teacher who needed some appreciation. I got to try it out for the first time on Monday as it was my first day back at work. Here are my reasons why I love my new Miladys bag. It’s sturdy. I was able to carry all my make-up,tissues, my very big lunch and my very heavy electric breast pump in my bag. It’s big enough to carry everything that I need so I...

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A letter to my teenage self

Just some background before you read my letter I have been a victim of bullying.When I was in grade 5 we moved from Lenasia which was a predominantly Indian area to Robertsham. I will never forget my first day in my new school. Some of the other Muslim kids asked ‘how can you be Muslim, you’re so dark?’ They came to the conclusion that I was a ‘black Muslim’. I didn’t even understand what they meant. When I went high- school it was even worse. I was picked on because I was ‘dark’ I had curly hair and my dad was a revert and it was a Muslim school.  I struggled in grade 8 and I blamed my parents for putting me in that school. I started rebelling against my parents, I did everything they told me not to do. I consumed alcohol, had bad friends, ran away from home and even attempted suicide. I remember questioning myself some nights about the colour of my skin. A letter to my teenage self Don’t worry about those that pick on you because they are not permanent in your life. Don’t let people dictate what ‘being beautiful’ is because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone sees beauty differently. Colour doesn’t matter because people will love you as you are Don’t give in to ‘peer pressure’ you don’t...

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with Essence South Africa

First Date after baby- Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children We were invited to the pre-screening of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children at The Zone in Rose Bank sponsored by Essence South Africa. Needless to say I was a bit nervous to leave baby at home for such a long period of time even though she was in the care of my mum and sister. We decided to go for the date 🙂 after almost 6 whole months. We were very excited and we left home at 10:30am. The movie only started at 12:00pm so we did some shopping before the...

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Pregnancy Sense Book Launch

Pregnancy Book Launch Today I was invited to attend the Pregnancy Book Launch at Kids Emporium Fourways. One of the authors Meg Faure was present and it was an honor to meet her. This is the second function that I have attended at Kids Emporium Fourways and I must say…The owner and host Kylie really ensures that all her guests are well taken care off. Each person was given a goodie bag which contained various items which I will share with you all a bit later in the post. Delicious refreshments were served and to top it all off I was given a signed copy of the book ‘Pregnancy Sense’. At the end of the talk Kylie gave away some amazing prizes such as; a pregnancy bell, two tickets to a show at the barnyard and a travel pop up cot….I was one of the lucky winners….I won the travel pop up cot and I can’t wait to try it. Here are the amazing goodies I received today: The Gift Bag: sponsored by: Beautiful decor from the Spotted Gecko Website: On the Go Baby Food Pouches Website: Nuk Dummy and Storage Container Website: Vitaforce Blackthorn Berry Elixir Website: Potion Lotion Hypo Allergenic Body Lotion Website: Naturals Beautry Gentle Milk Wash Website:   4AKID storage storage container website: A Cute Bib website : Lots of Vouchers The Yellow Plate website: The Wonderful Gift I...

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