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Author: Tasneem Maganlal

Parenthood…. The raw truth

lo From the moment your baby is in your arms, you dream of the beautiful moments that are yet to come You dream of; the first precious smile, holding them in your arms, their first word, the first step they take, the cutest things that they say and the memories that will take your breath away. You don’t dream of being proud of yourself for catching vomit in your hands, closing the nappy before the pee hits you or cleaning up such large amounts of poo that you feel like throwing the whole baby out. Sitting up at 2am...

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An ode to a wonderful woman

An ode to a wonderful grandmother My grandmother basically grew me up. Mum dropped me of every morning and fetched me after work from the time I was 6 months old until I was 10 years old and we moved to a different area. My relationship with my gran however still continued. We visited every weekend and she usually had a gift for me everytime I visited her. All my cousins knew that I was the favorite and my grandmother often mentioned it 😊😊😊. She bought me my very first cell phone. Now bear in mind she never worked...

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RSV… The worst thing in the world

So my 2 week old baby boy contracted RSV even though we limited visitors to immediate family . Some times people are sick even though they don’t feel sick. He is a NICU baby and after spending 8 days in the NICU, the last thing we wanted was to come back to hospital. We spent 3 nights in hospital then we went home as he was feeling better. 3 days later we had to rush him back to hospital because he was not nursing or breathing properly. We have been here for 2 days already. He is on oxygen...

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Promoted to big sister

8 Alayna was so excited all through my pregnancy about her litte brother. When she met him, she literally grabbed him out of my hands and said that he was hers. She giggled and spoke to him while she held him… At his 1am feed she woke up so concerned because he was crying…then in the morning around 6am it dawned on her that she was no longer the only child and she had to share her parents with her brother. She demanded that he was moved next to dad so that she could sleep next to me. Alayna...

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NICU mums need support

NICU mums need support from other NICU mums because noone else fully understands how it feels to go home without your newborn and leave them in the capable hands of the NICU sisters. I’ve been privileged enough to share my entire journey with a very dear friend who has become family. Basically we were both in labor and having contractions and we were admitted on the same day and put in the same ward. On sunday 7/04/2019 both our doctor’s told us that we had to make a decision to do a cesarean the next morning.. We both didn’t...

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