Breaking the chains

Adrenalin is all I seek
I feel it pumping through my vein
Under this spell I feel meek
It’s etched in my brain

I struggle to break free from this darkness
My addiction is my story to tell
I enjoy the peace, serenity and stillness
I long to break free from this spell

It hurts my family yet I don’t care
All I need is my next hit
I was always told to beware
Of the drug and I can’t quit

The chains squeeze tighter and tighter
Breaking the chains shall set me free
My future life will be brighter
For it belongs to me.

Written by

Tasneem Maganlal

This poem symbolizes the shackles that are placed not only on the person suffering from addiction but also their families… Their parents who can’t understand why they have to walk down this path. Their siblings who blame themselves wondering if they provided enough support.Their extended family wondering what went wrong. But in fact nothing went wrong….this was just the path they were meant to follow and I believe that it will lead to greatness. The one message that’s echoed in every NA meeting is that addiction knows no age, race, gender or religion. Everyone can become a victim and fall prey to it. What matters is recovery and living every moment fighting with your inner demons. I have met some beautiful people as I share this journey with my loved one and I have no doubt in my mind that she is destined to be someone great….