From the moment your baby is in your arms, you dream of the beautiful moments that are yet to come

You dream of; the first precious smile, holding them in your arms, their first word, the first step they take, the cutest things that they say and the memories that will take your breath away.

You don’t dream of being proud of yourself for catching vomit in your hands, closing the nappy before the pee hits you or cleaning up such large amounts of poo that you feel like throwing the whole baby out. Sitting up at 2am feeding a hungry baby while the rest of the world sleeps

This is parenthood.

These are the parenting moments that are not posted about on Facebook or Instagram . We generally don’t post photos of changing bedsheets in the middle of the night or rinsing out clothing that got messed.

In these 3 years of motherhood I have learnt that it’s not as rosy as some of the instagram pictures….it’s rather messy yet so beautiful in its own way.

Being a mom of 2 has been the most difficult yet fulfilling journey for me.

I look forward to many more years of 3am messes and co-sleeping

Lotsa luv
The Maganlals