So my 2 week old baby boy contracted RSV even though we limited visitors to immediate family . Some times people are sick even though they don’t feel sick.
He is a NICU baby and after
spending 8 days in the NICU, the last thing we wanted was to come back to hospital. We spent 3 nights in hospital then we went home as he was feeling better. 3 days later we had to rush him back to hospital because he was not nursing or breathing properly. We have been here for 2 days already. He is on oxygen and antibiotics as his blood tests show that he picked up a secondary bacterial infection. They couldn’t get the drip into his hand or leg so they had to put it in his head. That in itself is so traumatizing to look at.

I’m super emotional and I’m doing my best to nurse him but it breaks my heart to hold him and I just break down. Hubby has been amazing. We got permission for him to stay and he has been doing most feeds with my expressed milk.

Alayna has been a super strong big sister. She has been so amazing through all this. I know it’s affecting her not having us there like normal because she breaks down and cries for silly reasons and that is heart wrenching for me because she is my little girl. I’m an emotional wreck as I cry everytime I think about what she is going through.

RSV is so terrible so please don’t go near newborns if you suspect that you are sick.

Lotsa Luv
The Maganlals