Alayna was so excited all through my pregnancy about her litte brother. When she met him, she literally grabbed him out of my hands and said that he was hers. She giggled and spoke to him while she held him…

At his 1am feed she woke up so concerned because he was crying…then in the morning around 6am it dawned on her that she was no longer the only child and she had to share her parents with her brother. She demanded that he was moved next to dad so that she could sleep next to me.

Alayna and I shared a cup of tea alone together this morning while dad and baby were asleep and for those few moments I Had my little girl all to myself. Then when baby woke up, the crying and tantrums started. She didn’t even know what she was crying over.

Around 10am my aunt came to shave baby’s hair as it is part of our tradition to do so. Big sister was extremely traumatized by the ordeal as he cried the whole time. She hated seeing him in distress and kept telling me to hold him. By the end of this terrible ordeal, Alayna just hugged me and broke down and just cried. I hate seeing her like this. It breaks my heart. I know she will eventually accept him and understand that he is here to stay and she has to share us with him. But it’s Heartbreaking to watch her go through this and feel so helpless.

Hopefully things get better soon

Lotsa luv
The Maganlals