NICU mums need support from other NICU mums because noone else fully understands how it feels to go home without your newborn and leave them in the capable hands of the NICU sisters.

I’ve been privileged enough to share my entire journey with a very dear friend who has become family. Basically we were both in labor and having contractions and we were admitted on the same day and put in the same ward. On sunday 7/04/2019 both our doctor’s told us that we had to make a decision to do a cesarean the next morning.. We both didn’t sleep as we had this huge decision to make.

In the morning we went into theater. Our sons are born hours apart on the 8/04/2019. We were both 33 weeks. We were then put in the very same ward after we had our babies. We had to wait till the 9th to meet our boys. We spent hours in the ward talking about our kids. We were discharged on the same day. We do however meet everyday in the NICU when we visit our sons. It’s nice to have someone to share all the ‘big things’ with, like holding them or feeding them or burping them. These things are normal for most mums but to the NICU mum these are huge milestones.

I can’t wait for our boys to meet as they are the reason for our friendship and we hope that someday they will be friends too.

Lots of love
The Maganlals