Shay and I have been together for just over 9 years now. We are married for 2 and have a little girl. All my friends always tell me how lucky I am to have him and sometimes I do take it for granted. He is always spoiling and surprising me.  yesterday when he picked me up from school, he took me for a massage ? as I have been inundated with all my marking (life of an English teacher).  This simple gesture made me realise how much he cares.  so many years down the line; we still go on dates, sit up all night just talking and chat all day. I guess when you love someone, the romance just never ends and if it ever does….you’re not doing it right. When I say that he is romantic I’m not referring to getting roses all the time.  I’m talking about all the nights he woke up to feed baby so that I could get some sleep or when he cleans the house and makes me tea every night. Words can never explain how much he does for me and I pray that our romance never ends.