As an English teacher, I quite enjoy sitting down with a good book, some chocolate and coffee of-course! A personal friend of mine recently got her first book published and I could not wait to get my hands on it. It took me a few days to read as it is a pretty thick book. Here is a summary of the book.

KRYOLIA The Quest for the Medallion is a book about a character named ¬†Neville ūüôā I love the name as it is so unique yet so obvious. ¬†Well this ‘Evil’ character is about to destroy the beautiful land of Kryolia forever!!!!!!!! ¬†There has to be a hero that saves the beautiful Kryolia and it is none other than the beautiful Keyra. She ¬†goes off on a wonderful adventure to try and find the other half of the medallion. Keyra uncovers some secrets that changes her family’s lives forever. The story line is intriguing and keeps the reader hooked.

This is a must read for all fantasy lovers!

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