On the 5/11/2016 My hubby and I were invited to attend the Fry’s Annual Green Meeting in Johannesburg. When we arrived, we were treated to some delicious vegan Ice-Cream. I know you are probably wondering how in the world can ice-cream possible be vegan and delicious? Well to my surprise, it was super creamy and sweet. Coming  from a meat loving back-ground this event was pretty exciting for me as I learnt so much…There were some fabulous speakers such as

  • Tammy Fry
  • Brett Thompson
  • Tobias Leenaert
  • Dr Paul Palmer
  • Dr Melenie Joy

Here are some of the valuable lessons that stood out the most for me
Tobias Leenaert posed the question about travelling by plane as its not conducive to the lifestyle of a vegan person as it destroys the earth, however there are not many other alternatives so in essence we are forced to make use of this mode of travel due to convenience.

Dr Melanie joy stated that she was not vegan until she had gotten sick after eating a contaminated burger. This made me realise that not all vegans were born vegan, it was their choice and in essence most of them ‘did it for the animals’

The one concept that was truly intriguing is the concept of ‘carnism” This refers to the notion that people are conditioned to eat only certain animals, For example, one would opt to eat cattle but they won’t eat their pet dog.  Carnism is a violent ideology
Farmed animals are viewed as ‘things’ which numbs our emotions and natural empathy toward animals.

Many vegans have their diets questioned whenever they get sick, they are told
“you are sick because you don’t eat meat” or “your diet is making you sick. Yet when a non-vegan person gets sick it is often attributed to their bad genes. This is the double standards that exist within our communities.
The one thing that was echoed throughout the entire event is that you should become vegan and do it for the animals

I would like to commend Fry’s for their excellent event as it was beyond amazing and their wonderful team ensured that we were well taken care off.  The facilities such as the restrooms and parking were fantastic.