I was lucky to chosen by Beauty Bulletin as one of their reviewers for the African Extracts Rooibos-Purifying Range. Ever since my pregnancy I have been suffering with breakouts and nothing I used worked as my skin was super sensitive. I have been using this range for 10 days and I already see a huge difference. Below is a list of the products that I have been using as well as my skin regime and the results.

  • African Rooibos Purifying- Pore clearing Face scrub

I absolutely love this face scrub. It’s mild and gentle enough for everyday use. I use it every morning while in the shower so my pores are open. I gently massage it into my skin and rinse it off. After 10 days off using this scrub my skin is much softer and my acne has almost completely disappeared.

  • African Rooibos Purifying- 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub & Mask

I used it as a mask every 3 days. I applied it at night after washing with the African Rooibos Purifying- Facial Cleansing Bar. I smeared a thin layer onto my face and neck and left it to dry for about 3 minutes. I then used cold water to wash it off. The one thing I love about the mask is that it exfoliates your skin while you are rinsing it of due to the granules. After each use my skin felt soft, smooth and refined.

  • African Rooibos Purifying- Spot Treatment

After washing my face with the African Rooibos Purifying- Facial Cleansing Bar every night I used the Spot treatment on all my visible spots as well as the bumps that I could feel under my skin yet they weren’t fully visible. after 3 nights, these bumps popped out from under my skin and my skin looked clearer.

  • African Rooibos Purifying- Facial Cleansing Bar

I used the Facial Cleansing Bar every night before I applied the Spot treatment. It thoroughly cleans the skin and rids it of any dirt and make up. I must say it efficiently washed off my make-up and I didn’t even need to use a make-up remover.

  • African Rooibos Purifying- Dual Action Moisturizer

I used the Dual Action Moisturizer every morning after I used the face scrub. The Moisturizer is light-weight and left my skin feeling smooth. It had a Matt look which made it easy to apply my make-up. I didn’t even need any primer.

All the products in this range smell amazing. I loved every single one. After just 10 days of using these products, my acne has cleared up so much. Its affordable and available at most retail stores. I would recommend this range to anyone that suffers from break-outs. I haven’t had a single one since I started using the African Extracts Rooibos-Purifying Range….It really does purify the skin.

Look out for my video review tomorrow


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