First Date after baby- Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

We were invited to the pre-screening of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children at The Zone in Rose Bank sponsored by Essence South Africa. Needless to say I was a bit nervous to leave baby at home for such a long period of time even though she was in the care of my mum and sister. We decided to go for the date 🙂 after almost 6 whole months.

We were very excited and we left home at 10:30am. The movie only started at 12:00pm so we did some shopping before the movie (for baby of-course). It was very strange going to a mall without baby, there were no bottles to warm, no nappies to change, no prams, no smiles and coos…..We both spent all that time talking about how much we missed baby. Even though we were happy to have some alone time…we missed her too much 🙁

Essence South Africa put on a great show and everything was professionally done. When we arrived we were given a free gift (an amazing lip-gloss which I cannot wait to try). We were then given our 3D glasses and provided with Pop Corn and Cold-drinks. The Essence South Africa team were welcoming and friendly and we had an amazing time with them.

Here is my review on the movie-

I would rate it 10/10

The story-line was amazing and its a wonderful movie for both children and adults to watch.

It was about a boy named Jacob who goes in search of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children because his grandfather tells him to find them. He meets all the peculiar children and each one is strange in their own way.

  • Jacob Portman has the ability to see hollowgasts. to me he represents all the msifit children in my classes.
  • Abraham Portman —Jacobs grandfather who has the ability to see Hollogasts. To me he represents the one role model that a child may have or look up to
  • Bronwyn Bruntley  has  incredible strength like her brother Victor. To me she represents every child that has been through a lot yet displays strength.
  • Claire Densmore is a little girl with long golden locks that covers her extra mouth at the back of her head.To me she represents all people who hide their true self out of embarrassment.
  • Emma Bloom is capable of making fire with her hands. she represents people who have a fire within them but are afraid to showcase it.
  • Enoch O’Connor can bring the dead back to life. He represents those people who bring life back into a dead world.
  • Horace Somnusson  is capable of having prophetic dreams and he is a fashionista. He represents those who can see the unseen.
  • Fiona Frauenfeld has the ability to make plants grow. She represents those people who help others flourish.
  • Hugh Apiston has empathy with bees. He is able to control them. He represents those who are one with nature.
  • Millard Nullings has the peculiarity of invisibility. He represents those who want to hide and shy away from the world.
  • Olive Abroholos Elephanta  is lighter than air and will float away if she isn’t weighted down with her shoes or on a rope. She represents those who feel the need to ‘float’ away from situations.

Overall it was a great movie and I will definitely be watching it again…..but lol I won’t be leaving baby at home.