Epi-max Baby & Junior

At baby Alayna’s six week check up, her pediatrician noticed that her skin was red and flaky. She was born with very sensitive skin due to her being premature. She suggested that we try Epi-max Baby and Junior cream as a soap before we bathed baby and the apply it again afterwards. We seen results within a few days. She was also born with baby acne. The Epi-max junior cream helped all the acne disappear and it left no marks.

5 reasons why Epi-max baby & ┬ájunior cream is great for your baby’s skin

  1. It is unscented so it can be used on small baby’s who are sensitive to certain smells.
  2. The texture is creamy and smooth.
  3. It can be used on sensitive skin to treat various issues such as redness and baby acne
  4. There are visible results within days!
  5. It is gentle enough for everyday use