Ohhh noooo it’s baby weight

Well I’ve been tiny all my life and didn’t ever struggle with weight. I weighed about 50kg before my pregnancy….by the end of my pregnancy I weighed a whooping 80 kgs…  Shocking… I know…. Well after 5 months I’m down to 55kgs….I was nervous about gaining so much weight but somehow it all seems to be going. I couldn’t use a belly binder like most mums due to all the extra cuts that I had on the inside. I still have some pain so exercise is also out of the question for now. I can’t diet as I’m breastfeeding. Lol don’t even talk about the breastfeeding…..I’m super hungry all the time and I’m a sucker for junk food so I eat loads of it…. However here are some of my tips for weight-loss:

  • Drink loads of water…I drink at least two litres a day. Add lemon oranges or strawberries to make it taste better.
  • Be as active as possible…for me this means washing breast-pumps, bottles and dummies all day long, burping and feeding the baby 🙂 lol she loves to be carried and I walk up and down a million times a day.
  • Eat healthy on most days 🙂 as I said I love my junk-food but I do want my milk to have loads of nutrients so I do eat well most days.
  • Be happy 🙂 When you stress about weight, you will never be able to lose it.
  • Remember you only live once so eat that yummy slice of cake but don’t over do it. I believe that as along as its’s done on moderation it’s okay…lol so eat the slice and not the whole cake.

Anyway these last 5kgs are super difficult to lose…I think they fell in love with my tummy because that’s where they are at the moment…At first it bothered me but then I thought….Hey…this body brought life into this world so I should love and embrace my body because it created my miracle… Baby Alayna