Pediasure breakfast

So my sister and I were invited to a Pediasure breakfast at the Fire and Ice hotel in Melrose Arch on 2/09/2016.

To be honest I didn’t know much about the product before the breakfast. However we have been using a product called Ensure in our family for so many years. Pediasure is similar to Ensure as it provides nutrients for people who struggle to eat. We normally use Ensure for my grandmother when she is sick and has no appetite. Pediasure is specially formulated for ‘picky eaters’ or just children who don’t have a good relationship with food. Its one was for parents to stop worrying about whether their children have enough nutrients.

back to the amazing breakfast talk…. we were greeted with warm smiles. Everything was professionally done; there were name tags to seat everyone, the decor was gorgeous, the refreshments were great (Pediasure catered halaal for all the muslims that were invited).

here is a list of what I learnt about the product

  • pediasure is clinically formulated to help kids grow
  • It should be used between the ages of 3-10 however it can be used earlier if it is recommended by a healthcare professional.
  • It tastes delicious so kids will enjoy drinking it (we got to sample the berry and banana smoothie)
  • there are many ways to disguise it in snacks such as muffins or smoothies,
  • It can even be hidden in their favorite food like macaroni and cheese. 
  • It consists of all the vitamins that kids need so they  won’t need any other supplements.

At the end of the presentation each guest received a goodie bag containing some Pediasure samples, water bottles, a diary, pen, bag and a gift for our little ones according to their age and gender which made me see how much effort was put into this function.

The team that put this breakfast together is passionate about this product because the presentation was done with so passion, the presenter Jocelyn even cried when she watched a video on how Pediasure helped a very sick little girl to gain weight.

Overall it was an amazing presentation on a wonderful product…Can’t wait to try it.