My strong NICU baby

When I took my baby for her 6 week immunization, she hardly cried. The nurse looked at her file and made this statement “NICU babies are strong due to all the things they had to encounter” that got me thinking and here are the reasons why NICU babies are so strong.

I’m sure there are millions of other reasons why NICU babies are stronger.

But here are my 3:

  • They get pricked so many times in the day. When my baby was in NICU she had to get her sugar tested 8 times a day. She cried in the beginning but by the 2nd week she was used to it. Heck I’m scared of needles even now I flinch when I get pricked.
  • Some are fed through a PICC line which is a catheter that is placed into their nose and a syringe with milk is hooked onto it. My little one hated it so much that she used to pull it right out and then it had to be inserted all over again.
  • They are hooked up to tubes, ventilators,IVS and incubators which can be quite intimidating for parents yet they do it with ease. I remember seeing my baby hooked up to all these things and wondering how she manages.