The day I met you

You were born on Saturday 9/04/2016 at 6:45am. It was the day of your baby shower. You just couldn’t wait to meet us. I went to the doctor that Monday and was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and I was told that you had stopped growing at 31 weeks and I was 35 weeks at that time. My heart sank and I began to tear up as the doctor explained that we needed to keep you inside until I was 36 weeks so that your lungs can form. I was admitted to hospital and kept on a drip. I hate needles and I had to get pricked till they found a vein. I was discharged on Friday 8/04/2016 and I was so excited as the baby shower was the next day. On Friday night I went into Labour at around 10pm and went to the hospital. I was so scared and in so much pain. So grateful for your daddy  being there with me. At around 3am I was taken into the Labour ward and my doctor was called as you were in distress. I was so worried. I was told that I had to have an emergency c section after so many hours of being in labor. While I was in theatre I heard the doctor ask his assistant “where is the baby” I began to panic. You had crawled all the way up because you were in distress. As they were cutting you out I started feeling pain so I was put under a general anesthetic and I don’t even remember what happened. The nurse woke me up and kept shouting “mummy look at your baby” It was all a blur and I went right back to sleep….